HV-Consult has acted as an agent in Europe for ECM solutions provider Directum.

Directum uses the core business value of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). ECM transforms the operations of an organization so it can best meet the specific needs of an industry.

Directum ECM Suite is a powerful and agile platform for building a broad set of mission-critical business solutions which help solve today's most difficult business challenges. Challenges include: the optimization of the decision-making process, the management of unstructured content, the satisfaction of compliance requirements. Directum ECM Suite enables organizations to streamline work efficiency, and enables organizations to create greater solutions to all issues that may arise. Directum ECM Suite has been created with all factors taken into account and happens to be  one of the most superior leading systems with multiple components ever created.

Directum ECM Suite is capable of handling challenges in an  ever-changing and advancing industry. More than 1.700 organizations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazachstan, USA and Europe rely on Directum to remain competitive through innovation.

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